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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Entry points for PyKEEN.

PyKEEN is a machine learning library for knowledge graph embeddings that supports node clustering,
link prediction, entity disambiguation, question/answering, and other tasks with knowledge graphs.
It provides an interface for registering plugins using Python's entrypoints under the
``pykeen.triples.extension_importer`` and ``pykeen.triples.prefix_importer`` groups. More specific
information about how the Bio2BEL plugin is loaded into PyKEEN can be found in Bio2BEL's
`setup.cfg <>`_ under the ``[options.entry_points]``

The following example shows how you can parse/load the triples from a Bio2BEL
repository using the ``bio2bel`` prefix:

.. code-block:: python

    # Example 1A: Make triples factory
    from pykeen.triples import TriplesFactory
    tf = TriplesFactory(path='bio2bel:mirtarbase')

    # Example 1B: Use directly in the pipeline, which automatically invokes training/testing set stratification
    from pykeen.pipeline import pipeline
    results = pipeline(

import numpy as np

from .automate import ensure_tsv

__all__ = [

[docs]def ensure_triples(module_name: str) -> np.ndarray: """Load a Bio2BEL repository. :param module_name: The name of the bio2bel repository (with no prefix) :return: A three column array with head, relation, and tail in each row """ path = ensure_tsv(module_name) return np.loadtxt( fname=path, dtype=str, delimiter='\t', )